Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales in 2022

Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales in 2022

The online sales market is constantly growing. Every day people use eCommerce stores to purchase goods, from groceries to luxury products, from booking travels and holidays to investing in apartments and homes.

To be competitive in this growing market, you need to follow the best eCommerce marketing strategies. The main points in marketing strategies are usually the same, but the approach toward them or to your customers is changing. And customer needs are changing too.

These are marketing strategies for 2022 that we consider the best for boosting eCommerce sales.

1. Retarget Users

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The first marketing strategy we would like to present is a strategy of retargeting users (known as customer retargeting). Remember that your eCommerce store isn’t the only one on the net and that users will visit many others during their search for products. There is a great chance that they will leave your site while browsing. Or customers will abandon the shopping cart, won’t complete the purchase, and go to another site.

The retargeting marketing strategy used in eCommerce marketing is very effective. In a report made by AdRoll, you will see “that almost 90% of marketers” consider retargeting marketing approach to boost sales as one of the most successful marketing strategies. To retarget users, use tracking pixels on your eCommerce site. Those small pieces of code will pass information from your site to another random website that users are currently visiting.

These pixels will help in advertising your product or service on another site. The customer will be “reminded” about content they previously looked at. The chance that customers will return to your site and complete a purchase is high if you use retargeting.

2. Improve Your eCommerce Store

Another important strategy for boosting eCommerce sales is to keep your store functional by using plugins. While improving your eCommerce performance, you can also gather information or offer improvements in your sale process.

Shipping is an essential part of an eCommerce, and these are great features of Table Rate Shipping Pro: provide special rates for your loyal customers, create shipping class, multiple shipping methods, etc. Great plugins you can use are WooCommerce Table Rate PRO and WooCommerce Order Export PRO.

When using the Order Export Pro plugin, you will be able to export reports with data from your orders like customer info, location info, preferred paying methods, best-seller products, etc. Use all this to improve your marketing strategies and boost your sales.

3. Importance of Content

Content is an important part of an eCommerce marketing strategy to boost your sale. If you display just lists of products without content on your eCommerce site, it will probably be a dull and unattractive site for visitors. Use content, blogs written about your products, and topics related to your brand to make your site interesting.

Arrange space on your site for guest blogs, customer reviews, and experiences with your service and products. Write blogs as a guest on other sites about your brand or related topics. Users will remember well-written content, and it will help you convert leads to customers.

4. Use SEO, SERP, and Google Shopping

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Remember that customers will search online to find products or services they need. This fact is an important part of the eCommerce marketing strategy. Invest time and money in tools that will optimize your site to rank high in SERP, and customers will easily find your site.

Use the best SEO tools to help you with your Search Engine Optimization, and help you to find appropriate keywords to use. Once keywords are determined, use those keywords in your product titles and when listing and describing your product details.

Google Shopping is a tailored tool for ads that strategically advertise your products. Create Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords account for your eCommerce to help you in advertising.

5. Personalized Emails

Above mentioned plugins and tools will help you collect accurate data about your customers. Using these pieces of information, create personalized emails to be sent to your customers to boost your sales and improve your marketing strategy.

Offer discounts and promotions for products from your eCommerce store to your customers, and make a list of recommendations based on your customers’ previous purchases. Send it to your customers via personalized emails, let’s say once a week, and they will appreciate that unique approach.

6. Advantages of Social Media and Affiliate Programs

Including your eCommerce into social media is an efficient marketing strategy. Create accounts on different social channels for your different targeted audiences. Knowing their preferences will help you choose the right social media channel to be engaged in.

Good Customer Support is a must in today’s online business, and the advantages of using one are enormous. Customers like to chat about products that interest them, so prepare to answer their questions and have a helpful conversation with them. The excellent idea is to invest in good customer support. Customers satisfied with it are likely to recommend your eCommerce business to others.

The affiliate marketing approach is very cost-effective in online sales. Good relationships with your affiliate partners on the right social media platforms will promote your business and boost your sales.


We hope you learned enough about marketing strategies and which marketing strategies to invest in to boost your eCommerce sales. Use the right marketing strategies, invest in the right tools and plugins, and your eCommerce will be a successful one in 2022.

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