Best Hubspot Competitors in 2022

Best Hubspot Competitors in 2022

HubSpot is an integrated CRM platform that integrates everything that scaling businesses require to deliver the best customer experience in one place.

Our well-crafted, not patched solution helps teams develop using tools that are effective on their own but are more effective when used together.

What Does HubSpot Do

HubSpot assists companies in improving their marketing. To accomplish this, they’ve created a cloud-based platform that houses all of an organization’s digital marketing initiatives that can be centralized.

From hosting your site to posting to social media, blogging, email marketing, and much more, it was put together in one platform that is accessible from any place.

So, each marketer within a business can utilize the tools of HubSpot to nurture qualified leads until they’re at the point of passing them to Sales. If a lead is ready to be converted, they’re quickly passed to the sales team for an easy, seamless experience that can help businesses convert warm leads into satisfied customers.


ActiveCampaign is the top B2C, B2B, and e-commerce automation program we’ve tried. The program comes with an easy drag-and-drop automation builder that lets you automate various business tasks within a few clicks.

ActiveCampaign allows the creation of dynamic content and marketing emails capable of creating and increasing leads. Additionally, you can avail a wide range of tools to segment your customers, monitor their activity, and automate workflows for all tasks to make selling and marketing easier.


As a HubSpot rival, Pardot is a highly popular B2B automation for marketing that Salesforce offers. Businesses already using Salesforce CRM may want to consider Pardot. If you’re familiar with Salesforce’s UI UI of Salesforce and are comfortable with it, switching your UI to that of the UI that comes with Pardot will be easy.

In terms of marketing automation is concerned, Pardot covers it all — from forms to landing pages, drip campaigns, drip campaigns, and 3rd party integrations.


EngageBay is first on our list due to its extensive features. It is an all-in-one marketing software packed with essential features such as marketing automation, lead generation, CRM, and more. EngageBay is a great tool for designing email campaigns and automating sales funnels or marketing processes.

EngageBay has an integrated CRM that can manage customer relations, and ingageBay can also use it to streamline the distribution of information related to email marketing. The templates are designed for you and can be used to design, launch, and manage customized marketing emails.


In terms of comparisons, Marketo is probably the choice for a marketing automation software that is most often compared to HubSpot. Both offer similar features, a strong reputation, and excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

However, unlike HubSpot, Marketo was created as a B2B-centric enterprise solution. Although several B2C and mid-level businesses employ the software, however, its B2B roots remain visible in the technical aspects that are the UX. Marketo needs more IT know-how to unlock sophisticated features and capabilities over most available alternatives.


Pipedrive is on our list due to its impressive performance regarding sales pipeline management capabilities and CRM functions. Pipedrive is a great tool for medium and small companies.

We also appreciate how Pipedrive helps lead management, and Pipedrive organizes the entire process in a way that helps you keep track of your sales.


InfusionSoft is a top choice for small-sized businesses looking for marketing automation software without the high cost associated with Marketo and Pardot. With prices starting at just $199 per month, InfusionSoft is well known as an inexpensive alternative.

The CRM system makes the platform exceptional–above and beyond the usual list segmentation features. InfusionSoft simplifies sales operations by enabling billing, invoicing collection, and other communications in one location.

While this is true, InfusionSoft’s cost-effective pricing leaves a lot to be wanted by those who run more complicated campaigns.


GetResponse is a great alternative to HubSpot due to its ability to build email websites and campaigns and automate marketing. However, it’s its lead management features that it shines.

GetResponse helps make the work of your marketing and sales team easier by letting them compare the number of follow-ups they receive, calculate conversions, and even segment subscribers in just one click.


SendInBlue excels as an email marketing tool because it lets you build campaign emails that convert. The tool can be used for Facebook Chat, ads CRM, retargeting, CRM, and marketing automation.

Another impressive thing about SendInBlue is the number of integrations it provides. The software seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, Privy, OptinMonster, and PlugMatter.


A Close is a program that aids small and medium businesses. It can assist your sales and marketing teams in converting leads into sales and is particularly useful for remote teams.

It also simplifies communication, offering complete supervision of the tasks and reminders within an easy-to-use system.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe has had for years the reputation as “the preferred application” to creative people of every kind. Illustrations, web designers, and photographers depend on Adobe products for a simple reason: they’re the top.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Adobe ultimately decided to play involved in digital marketing through the acquisition of Omniture in 2012. In keeping with tradition, Adobe has created a marketing automation system that is easy to use but flexible.


HubSpot is a better option that is designed, not cobbled together. Our entire platform was developed internally to ensure that our customers benefit from unified, flexible, adaptable, and simple software.

With one point of reference, teams can develop stronger connections with clients throughout the journey. When customers are at the heart of every decision made by the business aligning, the entire company is much more straightforward.

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