5 Best Logo Slider WordPress Plugins To Showcase Logos

wordpress logo slider plugins

Obtaining new clients from websites is not an easy process, since there are several other competitors. A platform is not a promise for potential customers. One of the most natural approaches to attract new customers is to feature the logos of your agency’s partners on your site.

Displaying the logos of your partners, customers, and advertisers on your site state that you are reputed and that you have a range of businesses that trust you sufficiently to invest in your company. You may use this facet of your website and select several of the best WordPress slider plugins to showcase the logos of your stakeholders.

1. GS Logo Slider By GS Plugin

Gs logo slider

While it does not need any additional settings, all you need to do is to trigger the plugin and get started. It comes with blocks of Gutenberg as well as shortcodes of the logo. It is also consistent with all WordPress themes.


  • The pro edition of the GS Logo Slider provides up to 12 templates for logo sliders, including a map, chart, list, and filter view. You have access to 24 different themes with this version.
  • To configure the sliders, you may drag and drop icons. The configuration panel has lots of choices.
  • You can control the pace of the lever, the navigation, the light, the pagination, and the autoplay pause.
  • You can also get free notifications for a year with correct paperwork and assistance.

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2. Logo Carousel By ShapedPlugin

Logo Carousel is a compact yet powerful and elegant WordPress slider plugin with tons of intuitive functionality. It comes with an easy-to-use shortcode generator.


  • This helps you to determine whether to show a logo without the need for a title and border.
  • This plugin offers you the Logo Hover feature that you can allow/disallow as per your demand.
  • Besides this, you can also unlock the touch-and-swipe feature, which will allow your users to display the carousel/slider logo from any screen.
  • Allows you to categorize logos in whatever form you like and show them in the most current or older reported folder, logo name, month, and year.

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3. WP Logo Showcase By WP Online Support

WP LOGO showcase slider

WP logo showcase is a WordPress plugin that offers you numerous excellent features such as drag-and-drop capability, logo creator, logo ordering & aid you to enable/disable grayscale.


  • You get 3 separate formats to reflect logos in a slider, grid view & filter style.
  • Its plugin is open to all screen sizes and even offers multilingual assistance. 
  • This is also compliant with the new iterations of WordPress and WP Bakery Page Manager.

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4. Logo Showcase By Themepoints

logo slider plugins

This one is a tidy, totally sensitive, and excellent plugin. You will allow a tactile-responsive GUI. This plugin is built to handle boundary color adjustments. The shortcode feature that comes free of charge allows it to reach all facets of this plugin. You can hide or display titles for your logos and have the option of pagination and arrows.


  • It has got a creator and a novice-friendly GUI. 
  • You may arrange logos according to ascending and descending arrangement, time, or random order. 
  • The Premium edition requires you to use three of the four image-over effects. 
  • You may view or cover control, which has four separate locations. 
  • There are also four positioning areas for the page and tooltip.

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5. WP Logo Slider


With the WP Logo Slider, you can display the logos of your clients, partners, and sponsors more attractively and intuitively. It allows you to change the size of the logos you want. It also facilitates field selection and the use of custom URLs. This plugin is ready for widgets and has a multi-language option available. This also comes with an infinite shortcode generator.


  • The pro edition of this awesome addon adds 21 separate configurations to the table. 
  • It also uses a carousel lever with different apps. 
  • You can activate and disable the tooltip as well as the highlight window. 
  • This edition of the WP Logo Slider facilitates reading RTL and is equipped for widgets.

Conclusion: Best Logo Slider Plugin 2020

This article is a compilation of just the most reliable WordPress slider plugins to showcase logos on the WordPress site. Therefore, if you want to build a perfect slider to highlight your partners, look no further. The plugins in this series are of an excellent standard and don’t really let you down. The features we have listed are only the highlights of countless others. Take your pick, and witness desired outcomes.

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