Mighty Addons: A Elementor Widget Plugin


Elementor itself an easy to use page builder with tons of features and millions of downloads that you’ll find. But if you want to add more design options then add-ons make things even better than extend the core plugin even further.

However, there are numerous types of add-ons plugins in the market, how you gonna choose the best one. In fact, you don’t have to, we already have searched and found this gem named Mighty Addons

Mighty Addons is a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create a layout with Elementor. With this plugin, you can design a powerful WordPress site with the Elementor page builder and achieve the imaginable designs in minutes with no coding.

It not only help you build and edit web pages easily but also lets you use many predefined section elements. There’s a wide variety of readymade section elements in this web page builder to accelerate your site-building process.

Mighty addons templates

Mighty Addons is offering you up to 12+ powerful Elementor Widgets. Along with that, you are also getting 10+ templates, and it comes with 100+ UI Blocks and sections for post types. So you can give your users the best experience possible.

Also, with this plugin, you’ll get 10+ Elementor add-ons to design your site in many ways.

  • Counter: Use it to show numbers
  • Gradient Heading: Use it to color headings anywhere on the site.
  • Button Group: Create multiple buttons and style each of them individually.
  • Contact Form 7: Have a contact form anywhere on your site.
  • Feature Box: Display engrossing features with titles, texts, and buttons.
  • Flip Box: Have a flip-box with logo, title, text, and button, change flip option, and style the look your way.
  • Progress Bar: Need to show progress on a bar? WP Page Builder has an addon for that.
  • Opening Hours: Display your working hours on the website and customize the section to meet the theme design.
  • Testimonial: Show what people think about your services anywhere on the site.
  • Before After: – Display before and after version of an image
  • Mailchimp: Display a Mailchimp form that matches your website’s brand

Why Mighty Addons Is The Best Elementor Addon plugin

What I like about this plugin is that anything you create can be added anywhere on your site. For instance, I created a small landing page and I was able to use it as a homepage header, put it in single post content, on the search results page, or even make it show up as a 404 page. You can also remove your actual theme’s CSS and only keep what you designed with the page builder.

There are various things to mention about this plugin but these below features make this plugin best addon for Elementor.

Light Weight:

Mighty Addons is so lightweight, thus takes remarkably less time than all other counterpart tools to create a stunning and functional site. The plugin is well-coded in order to ensure as less run-time as possible. Therefore, it takes almost no time for a command to be executed while building web pages with it.

Use with Any Theme:

Mighty Addons plugin can work with any WordPress theme which supports Elementor. So you don’t need to change the theme to use this plugin

Built-in FAQ schema:

Add the FAQ section with the help of MT Accordion on your pages and mark that section with FAQ schema. You will have a chance to get extra space in SERP.


Mighty Addons also provide technical support. If you having any queries related to plugin they are always there to help you to solve your issue.

Mighty Addons: A Elementor Widget Plugin
Mighty addons

Name: Mighty Addons

Description: Mighty Addons is a collection of premium quality addons for the Elementor page builder. It allows you to insert Elementor widgets, library templates, and global templates anywhere on your site using the Elementor page builder.

Price: Free

  • Ease of use
  • Light Weight
  • Support


Show off your content in an elegant and responsive way. Mighty addons give you addons library including elements like before and after, flip flop box, testimonial, progress bar, counter, gradian heading, animated text, accordion and many more.

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