Four Things You Can Do While You’re Between Jobs

Five Things You Can Do While You’re Between Jobs

After years at your current job, your boss has decided to let you go. Now you find yourself in a place that you never wanted to be in. You’re between jobs.

What are you supposed to do until you find something else? How are you going to pay your bills and feed yourself? It’s a good time to fluff up your resume by volunteering in your community. You can also save money on groceries by couponing.

These are only a few options that you can try out. Check out this guide for a list of things that you can do while you’re on the job hunt.

1. Organize Your Life

Let’s say that you didn’t get fired from your current job. You decided to quit instead. You’ve got something else lined up, but you have a few weeks before your first day.

Your starting week is going to be complete chaos. You’ve got a new schedule that you’ve got to get adjusted to.

Our advice is to use the few weeks leading up to your new job to get your life organized. That will make the adjustment period a little less stressful.

2. Volunteer Somewhere

If you’re busy, your mind won’t be able to dwell on your unemployment, and helping others feels good.

You never know, the facility you’re volunteering at might have a permanent paid position open up. If you make a good impression, don’t be surprised if they offer the opening to you.

Even if you don’t get a permanent position at the facility, you’ll meet new people. One of them might be able to help you find a job. You can use volunteer work to create a better resume, too. It will prevent you from having too large of a job gap.

3. Look for a Group

Friends talking

There are a lot of people who are going through the exact same thing that you’re going through right now – so many that they often meet up in groups.

If you can find a group, you should consider joining. The club members can help you find a good online free resume builder. They can also give you some killer job search tips.

4. Take Up Couponing

You’ve got a lot of time on your hands right now. You might as well use it to get a good deal by couponing. Grab a pair of scissors and start snipping away. This new hobby may only shave a few dollars off your grocery bills, but when you’re between jobs, every little bit helps.

Keep Yourself Going Between Jobs

Being between jobs isn’t easy for anyone. You’ve got a lot of time on your hands and nothing to fill it. You’re also low on cash. It can be stressful.

We hope that you’re able to use these tips to keep yourself productive while you’re in the market for a new job. For more pointers that will help you find your next career, feel free to explore the rest of our blog.

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