Effective Tips to Optimize Images To Rank In Google Image Results

tips to optimize images

Images and their usage has increased up to a large extent in the last two decades because of the increased usage of social media and the development of tools like photo search. Another advantage the images have gained in recent years is their recognition visually by browsers and algorithms. Images used to be a large junk visually as browsers and other tools were not able to process that data.

Artificial intelligence and image processing were not much advanced back then therefore browsers could only know something about an image based on its title, descriptions, and tags, etc. This information was never computer generated. Every person who uploads an image adds its name etc. himself. But now, browsers are efficient enough to recognize images as graphical data. This evolution has changed digital marketing and internet ranking procedures drastically.

Why should you consider images for your website?

Images are a widely used tool to attract people. One of the reasons for the success of social media is also its usage of images for every purpose. The human brain is proved to process images faster than text which is also a reason why people prefer images and infographics over other textual information. Now the question arises that how you can use this attractive tactic for people to come to your platform and a means to rank your page better in photo search results.

  • Originality

The originality of images matters a lot as well. Reverse photo search usually contains exactly similar images from the SERP. Therefore, it is better to use your personally generated or created images to make sure that no one else uses the same image. You can authenticate the originality of an image with the photo search tool. Using the original images increases the chances of your image appearing in image search results.

This will also make it easier for your images to get backlinks from authentic and valuable websites. This means that your images will become more authentic and relevant in the eyes of the photo search algorithm. Which will in turn make your images rank better in the image finder results.

  • Title and description

The algorithm analyzes numerous things to formulate the best reverse photo search results that the user can find. To make sure that your image appears relevant to the content of the website and ranks best in the photo search results, make the names of the image files include keywords or relevant phrases and words that can optimize the file.

Google uses these filenames to find what the person has uploaded. Information collected from the photo search mechanism will also be very important for ranking the image but making that image beat the competing graphics and rank better, you should add the common keywords in the file name and description of the image. This is also a way to accommodate maximum keywords in your content without letting the reader or customer know that your content contains those words as the names and descriptions will not be visible to them.

  • Image quality

Pictures are available in various resolutions and dimensions. You can perform a photo search on your images to find different variants of them over the internet if any. Choose a standard file type and resolution for uploading images on your platform as the images should be loaded in no time when the user opens your content.

Photo search will display a blank tile if your image does not load in time. Make sure your image can be loaded quickly by the normal internet speeds. This will require you to choose an image with normal resolution. If a user sees a blank tile in photo search results, he will not open it making your platform gain no benefit from appearing in the results. Observing the unsatisfactory user response from your website, the algorithm will de-rank your image and eventually decrease its ranking in photo search results.

  • Alt Attribute

Your website will have an HTML code for its appearance. It contains an alt attribute for displaying a text if the image fails to load. This text can coin you better ranks in photo search results if used efficiently. Try to include relevant keywords in this attribute that are according to the subject of the image.

This will become guidance for people that what the image is about if they do not have a proper internet connection or if your visual fails to load. Photo search results will also display this alt attribute text if the image does not make it in time.

Conclusion – Tips to optimize images to rank in Google Image Results

There are a lot of ways to make your images optimized to make them rank better in photo search results which will help your platform to gain traffic and loyal clients. Which will make it more authentic in the calculations of SEO ranking.

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