WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: What’s The Difference?

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: What's The Difference?

If you’re new to WordPress, you might be wondering about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

I would like to tell that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are actually two very different platforms.

WordPress remains the most crowd-pleasing website development platform of all time. The WordPress users usually find themselves in a dilemma whether to go with WordPress.com or WordPress.org.

You need to know the chief difference between the two in order to decide which one you need to go with. WordPress.com doesn’t require your personal hosting, while with wordpress.org you can host your site yourself starting from the scratch with the installation of WordPress software instead of signing up to the same.

WordPress.com is a blogging website which is based on WordPress.org, while WordPress.org is a self-hosting website with a lot of flexibility.

WordPress.org is free of cost service which requires the installation over the server and WordPress.com (premium and business) is a paid service, while WordPress.org costs 46$-100$ per annum.

Let’s understand the differences more vividly, which could probably help to make a clear decision.

Pros of Worpress.org:

Once you acquire or purchase the domain name and web hosting for worpress.org the website becomes your solely yours and can use the subdomains whenever required.

You can use generic web hosts, or even run your own server. However, it’s easiest to choose hosting that specializes in WordPress. Often, these hosters can take a lot of maintenance off your hands, and they’re better equipped to help you deal with updates and settings.

The choice of customization remains with you and can modify the site in any manner you desire. You can also use the website for business purposes and can even develop an e-commerce website over the same.

Adding the paid/free plugins or the paid/free themes remains your open choice with WordPress.org.

And SEO has always been the best option to optimize your website with, and once your website achieves Google Adsense, this would be yet another income source without any revenue share hassle. You can even create and sell a membership site by providing one of the subdomains with the exceptional contain inside.

Pros of WordPress.com:

The WordPress.com has few cost structured plans according to the requirement of a user;

  • Free – limited.
  • Personal – $36/annum
  • Premium – $99/annum
  • Business – $299/annum
  • VIP – starting at $5000/annum

Blogging on WordPress.com is free up to 3gb of space, this is beneficial for those who enjoy blogging as their hobby or who are new to this field. Once space is used, you need to switch to the paid versions as personal, premium, business or VIP, with spaces provided 6gb, 13gb, and unlimited storage respectively.

Now as the question remains, which one of the two is a better one to choose? If you are a personal blogger and making money ain’t your major focus right now, you must go with Worpress.com while, if you aim for the business deals and wish to make money out of the online business, you must go with Wordress.org as with WordPress.com you cannot sell out the products.

If we are the ones who get advice, we would definitely suggest going with WordPress.org as with the amount you may, it is not an expense but an investment as it is always possible to make more money than you had spent purchasing.

This is the platform which has been a choice of professionals, businessmen and even of the big brands like Disney.

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