The Five Best Writing Tools All Writers Need

The Five Best Writing Tools All Writers Need

Are you looking for top amazing tools for your writing? We have five fantastic suggestions for you. Continue reading to learn all you possibly want to know about improving your writing toolset.

Yes, everyone can improve their writing skills. Writing is more than just recording your thoughts and ideas; it is also a necessary step in creating anything new and expressing your opinions. It enables you to bring clarity to a wandering mind, ease tension, and better communicate your views.

On the other hand, writing appears to be a difficult chore for most people. It’s not always simple to put down your thoughts in a meaningful way, whether you’re a published author, a casual blogger, a student, or a journalist. The days of sitting in front of a typewriter ( if you are old fashion) or keyboard, waiting for inspiration to strike, are long gone in today’s fast-paced society.

Thankfully, with many tools that will assist you in your writing, the whole process will go much quicker, and you will not lose your creative flow.

1. Hemingway


Hemingway is a traditional but renowned copywriter or content writer-editor. As the app’s name suggests, it is a necessary tool for simplifying time-consuming and challenging writing. This type of app allows you to do multiple things at a time.

It is completely free to use and operates these two things:

  • finding website by utilizing a search engine
  • You may immediately type or paste the content.

This writing app is designed to primarily meet the editing demands of copywriters and journalists. The primary purpose of these vocations is to provide knowledge that even an elementary student can understand. So, you may use this software to recognize complex phrases and intricate vocabulary, as well as several instances of passive voice.

Writing in the format mentioned above will be understandable to students in lower grades. Hemingway brings you up to speed on the overall writing score as you work. Go straight in, and aim for the 80s and 100s.

2. Yoast


You need your work to be as widely obtainable on search engines as possible if you write for a general readership. It is where Yoast comes into play. On the other hand, SEO may be tricky, particularly on Google, which is always updating its SEO technology to give quality search results to its users.

Yoast is an excellent writing tool for increasing the exposure of your content through SEO. It has many capabilities that may help you enhance your content and make it more search engine friendly. Plus, with over 3 million users globally, it is one of the most reputable SEO plugins available.

Features like the ability to include focus keywords, meta descriptions, rich snippets, and XML sitemaps assist in optimizing your improvement by increasing your chances of appearing on Google’s first page. We highly recommend this tool!

3. Grammarly


Grammarly is a must-have writing tool for all authors. It is accessible in both a free and a paid edition. Compared to the free version, the subscription edition of this writing tool has more sophisticated capabilities to help you write better.

However, to improve as a writer, you must write more. Grammarly may also assist you in offering the feedback you have to path right as you go. The desktop program and browser extensions provide novel ways to utilize the Grammarly software in all aspects of your writing.

Moreover, Grammarly will assist you no matter what your profession is. You can use it for general writing emails, student essays, blog posts, journaling, etc. The simple program will detect spelling flaws, grammatical faults, punctuation errors, plagiarism difficulties, helping you comprehend many of those perplexing grammatical rules.

4. Answer The Public


AnswerThePublic will reveal what people are looking for on the internet. It’s essentially an image-based tool that will propose autocomplete searches depending on your term.

It might be a gold mine for your next great idea. It might serve as a backbone for your content by providing ideas based on what people are searching for on Google. Type in a term, and you’ll get hundreds of hits for your next post.

5. 750 Words

750 Words

750 Words allows you to start a new daily writing habit. This program instructs you to write 750 words every day, awards you points, and analyzes your writing’s sentiments and thinking. It’s a completely private space where you might write anything that comes to mind. It essentially improves your quality of life by allowing you to express yourself in 750 words.

Plus, it’s a free writing tool that can help you get started on your writing journey. It also indicates how long it took you to compose your post and how frequently you were sidetracked.


We’ve included our top five tools that will help you improve your writing. However, several other resources accessible on the web may be of use to you. Try it out and if it works for you, use it to take your writing to the next level.

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