How to Write a Product Description That Wows Your Customers

How to Write a Product Description That Wows Your Customers

There is a saying how every product has its customer, which is usually true. However, the truth is that some products are more successful in finding those customers. That is where the successful salesperson hops in. In the online business and eCommerce, writing a good product description is considered almost the most critical part of the chain.

Many eCommerce studies share data about the correlation between the eCommerce rules and users’ behavior in the online store. One detail from the studies is crucial for this article: around 20% of unfinished purchases in online stores are due to inadequate product descriptions. Also, commonly, it is the easiest part to break the chain.

For you to not be in this category of statistics, we prepared this article with some advice on how to write a successful product description. Before anything, you should know two things from the first line: your product and your customer.



You should be familiar with the product. You should understand its purpose and what does it do. Its functionality should be strictly written, showing how it could help customers and answer their needs. Besides that, you should know how it is made, what was used in the process, and how it could affect your possible customers.

All these details would form a significant part of a successful product description. Also, detailed research about the competitors’ products would be a smart move, for comparing products and finding your advantages and more benefits, making customers buy from you.

Ideal Customer

Word audience

The next important part is putting a focus on a future ideal customer. One thing should be clear: every person online is not a customer for every product. Therefore, your product is not needed and not attractive to everyone. This thought should help you exclude some people and focus just on those related to your products, your actual audience.

You should do the surveys, hear the market and competitors, monitor social media habits among your target audience. If their needs and online behavior match your actual products, you can easily start to write skyrocketing product descriptions.

Now, your writing should have the answers related to the customer: to whom this product is beneficial, how will it help them, why they love and need this material, how would they react at first sight. Putting yourself in their shoes will help you answer this and write a helpful product description.

After finding the ideal customer, they should make a more personal conversation, using their language with direct “face-to-face” speech. After these two significant findings, the writing should be more accessible but carefully formed with important and limitedly catchy words.


Letter blocks

Well-selected words can sell your products. First, you should find the correct ‘language’ of your ideal customer and follow it for your writing. Details enlighten the face, but they should not give long texts. You should use flawless lines explaining the product in a nonboring way.

Use valid words that explain your product and truly show its benefits. Try to avoid phrases that will make a customer roll eyes because they have already read them many times. If you exaggerate with too many “perfectness” and “the best quality,” you will lose even before a real win.

If you know that your product is the best or has the best results among the users, write it with a proving detail. Wrongly selected words that are not matching the product can give bad results. Try to use precise adjectives and catchy words to trigger visitors and make them more curious.

Many people avoid online shopping because they cannot feel the product in their hands. The product description should give that to them. You should make stories around the product and make a customer imagine the actual situations in which the product might be helpful and desired.

When you present the entire scene, it feels like a product is in your hands, and the bond is stronger. Put emotions in your writing to get the emotion from a customer. People love to hear others and do their shopping from the experience of others and love to be a part of a trend if something is popular.

Finally, SEO keywords should accompany all these details and strong words. They should be appropriately selected and put in the right places of the text. It would help your website and increase future visits.

Visual Identity

The product description is not just words. Visual identity is critical as well. Try to have strong images and videos showing the functionality and the purpose of your product.

Also, you can consider adjusting the design of that part of the website to your product and its purpose. It should have a winning touch to a story you made them imagine with the well-written scene.


After writing, give yourself time to read it and edit it until you are satisfied with it. Make sure your product description is simple but strong. It should provide needed information to the visitor and awaken a desire to buy a product.

A perfectly written product description transforms website visitors into returning customers. Consider these pieces of advice and take your time to write your perfect product description.

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