Five eCommerce Email Marketing Tactics to Increase Traffic & Sales

Five eCommerce Email Marketing Tactics to Increase Traffic & Sales

The speed of increase of innovation in digital marketing is astounding. Many marketing tactics didn’t even exist a few years ago. Email marketing has created the highest return on investment for merchants for a couple of years. According to the statistics, 333.2 billion emails are sent per day.

In addition, email marketing CRM tactics are the most profitable in the field of online marketing. You can quickly reach a large number of consumers. Here are five eCommerce email marketing tactics that will help you increase traffic and sales.

1. Determine Your Email Purpose

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Before you start collecting your eCommerce newsletter subscribers, you need to know why you are sending emails. Answer the question: who will read my emails? What kind of newsletters do I want to send? Sending successful emails and creating an email marketing strategy is like a long-term investment.

If you start investing suddenly, you will probably gain some success, but you will likely have a much better outcome if you prepare well for the investment. Set specific, calculable, achievable, pragmatic, time-bound goals. Here are some of the examples of why some people send an email and invest in email strategies.

News media companies send emails to boost traffic. Supermarket chains send emails to sell as many products as feasible and draw consumers with exclusive offers. Small businesses/family farms send emails to develop a relationship with potential customers, and bloggers send emails to build relationships with their readers.

2. Build a List of Newsletter Subscribers

Having 100 newsletter subscribers for your eCommerce business isn’t bad, but you need to try and reach more people. You need to build one quality list of your newsletter subscribers. Thus, sending a high-quality newsletter is critical for attracting more people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Furthermore, you need to offer something that will make people want to subscribe and open your newsletter. Depending on what kind of brand you have, try offering a free service or product similar to what you usually sell or offer. That is going to be your lead magnet.

3. Define Target Audience

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When you build one quality newsletter list, you are one step closer to your eCommerce business goal. You know that those people have subscribed because they are interested in your brand, product, or service. Now you need to learn who these people who have subscribed are and engage with them. Everyone has a different audience, and it is essential to define it to know who you are sending your newsletter to.

So, build a high-quality relationship with your email subscribers. If you sell skincare products, then you are primarily addressing women aged 20 to 50 years. If you are a gadget store, then your target audience is 18 to 35 years old.  The more you know the people you are writing to, the better messages you’ll send to them. Most of the top digital marketing agencies agree that this is one of the most important steps when it comes to setting up your ecommerce marketing strategy. Without a clearly defined audience and potential customers you are targeting, it can be really hard to find people that would be the perfect fit for your product, and more importantly, the people that actually need it.

4. Design Your Newsletter

Today, communication is more visual than ever. People respond to beautiful photos and well-crafted visual solutions. It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you offer. You can play with templates in newsletter submission systems, but you can also leave the design to the pros and hire someone to do it for you.

The look of the newsletter needs to complement your website visually. With a ready-made newsletter design and a defined purpose for sending it, you will have everything ready for future newsletters. It doesn’t matter if you only send promotions and products or send only articles. Try to make it look as presentable as you can.

5. Send It at the Right Time

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Deciding when to send the newsletter is crucial for increasing traffic and sales. It is necessary to have a plan at any time for every marketing activity, including email.

You don’t have to sit at your desk waiting to hit ‘send’ at your chosen time, however. Most email marketing services let you set both a specific time of the day and a queue of messages to send in a certain interval. Both are important to boost your open rates and increase brand awareness. In fact, if you want to ensure optimal delivery, you can use an email-to-SMS gateway service which allows you and your business to benefit from the ability to send emails as SMS texts. This way, you can ensure your emails are being seen, not getting lost amongst the inbox clutter, by sending them as SMS text messages.

Some eCommerce businesses send emails every day. That will lead to growing consciousness about a brand. It also brings a large number of impressions from the list of subscribers.

If you send newsletters daily, you can create a solid connection with your readers. Weekly newsletter submissions are great if you want to give your subscribers some break. With weekly newsletters, you are not going to spam your subscribers. However, submitting a monthly newsletter is not very profitable if you have an extensive newsletter list for which you have to pay a higher amount to the newsletter service every month.

6. Find the best plugins

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export are our top picks.

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With these eCommerce email marketing tactics, you can increase a significant percentage of your traffic and sales. Nowadays, more traffic comes from email marketing than from posting on social media. The key is to provide the correct email strategy, so a well-designed email generates the highest conversion rates.

Moreover, newsletters offer the ability to build connections with your customers. The feedback you can receive through email marketing will help you grow your eCommerce business faster.

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