How to Make Your eCommerce Website a Huge Success: Three Tips to Level Up Your Website

How to Make Your eCommerce Website a Huge Success Three Tips to Level Up Your Website

So you have been running your eCommerce website for some time now and are wondering how to bring your business to another level? Do you think improving your website and the experience users and potential customers have while browsing the products you offer?

Great! You might be on to something. In this article, we will explore different aspects of improving eCommerce websites to achieve more success, whatever it means for you. It can be the number of products you sell, the number of visitors to your website, or simply getting more profit.

#1 Have good tools in your toolbox

Getting the job done depends on many factors. Whatever you go, it all comes to the available skills and tools. Skills are improved as you do things; besides constantly pushing and learning something while doing it, there is not much you can do.

On the other hand, getting yourself equipped with excellent and reliable tools is another story. For the first tip, we will present you with our favorite plugins for eCommerce websites running on WordPress.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping is a plugin that will make physical shipping products much more manageable, efficient, and reliable. This plugin allows you to calculate shipping based on different variables, depending on products and the customer’s geographical location.

You can create different shipping methods with unique names. If needed, you can hide specific shipping methods under some conditions or force a specific shipping method. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping also allows you to include tax and handling costs in the final price of a product.

WooCommerce Order Export

Next on our list of must-have plugins is WooCommerce Order Export which allows you to effortlessly export products from your store in CSV, Excel, or Google Docs suitable formats. This plugin provides the functionalities needed to export any details you might be interested in.

This comes very handy if you want an excellent analytical overview of how your products are performing and what is happening around your store. It is extremely popular in the circle of dropshippers since you can automatize many processes that usually require manual work.

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

Making the checkout process easy and accessible should be the priority of every eCommerce website. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce will help you achieve exactly this. This WordPress plugin adds a button on each product listing to allow users to go to checkout with the product they are observing.

This plugin gets you a bit closer to improving the checkout process. Another great feature is adding a buy now button on any page of your website, which is extremely useful for review articles and other blog posts where a specific product is mentioned.

#2 Have multiple traffic sources and prioritize SEO

Putting all of the eggs in one basket is never a good idea. The same goes for the traffic and channels users find your website. It goes without saying that social media are a powerful source of traffic, especially if you are doing some serious work with the content you post on your accounts.

Putting existing customers and newcomers in a loop of information is always a great strategy. Social media will allow you to do so, but to play on your turf, we suggest you also have an email newsletter. This way, you can inform subscribers about any news, offers, and discounts you are offering.

Considering that half of the customers start their buying process from Google search, it is evident that organic traffic is the best. For the best results, pay close attention to how your pages and product listings rank on Google searches. Do keyword research and create content that ranks to get most of the free yet valuable traffic.

#3 Have a precise products description

A common mistake is ignoring the importance of a good product description. This is related to what we stated in the previous tip – SEO. Descriptions should be SEO friendly but still valuable, detailed, and precise. Combining all of these might be difficult.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes here. There is no universal rule that applies to all eCommerce websites. Simply experiment and concentrate on delivering what search engines and users want to see. Valuable, informative, and good-structured descriptions are what you should aim for.

Make sure you use good graphical design to accompany and deliver the information you want. If suitable for your niche, use as much visual content as possible. A video or two doesn’t hurt, as long as it is closely related to your products.


Ecommerce is highly competitive nowadays. Besides ensuring that your products provide value, getting your website working in your favor with the tools we mentioned is a great beginning.

Having traffic coming from multiple sources. Getting your visitors to stay on a website, attracted to nicely written blog posts and product descriptions, will ensure great conversion rates.

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